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Avoid Stomach Distress: Foods for Treadmill Workout

This may not cross your mind, but do you know that your diet can also play a role as to how effective your treadmill workout can be? That’s right; there are other factors to consider when planning a fitness routine than just a good-quality equipment like Sole and Smooth treadmills.

You may experience stomach issues such as cramping or diarrhea during or after your treadmill workout. The food that you are consuming may be the culprit to these uncomfortable conditions that put a damper on your workout.

Here is a list of foods that you’d best avoid, and a list of good foods that are “safe” to eat.

It varies from person-to-person, but you may want to try eliminating or at least limiting these types of food prior to your workout:


Although it may be a choice to get you going, caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda can cause stomach issues and dehydration.

High-Fat Foods

Foods that are high in fat like cheese, hamburgers or bacon are slowly digested by the body. These foods tend to make you feel sluggish and they also feel like they are sitting in your stomach.

High-Fiber Foods

Although good for you, vegetables, fruits and whole-grain foods aren’t the best choice for a long run on your treadmill. High-fiber may cause distress during and after your treadmill run.

Here is a list of good food to eat prior to your workout.

Low-Fiber Fruits and Vegetables

If you can’t avoid eating fruits and vegetables, stick with grapefruit, grapes, olives, zucchini and tomatoes. They are low in fiber.

Refined Carbs

They aren’t as good as whole grain and unprocessed foods, but plain bagels, white rice, and regular pasta are better for your stomach prior to a long run. The whole grain is broken down already which in turn is easier for your stomach to digest.


You may have issues consuming dairy products prior to running. If this is the case, stick with rice, soy and/or almond milks because they don’t have sugar lactose which can be hard for the stomach to digest.

A treadmill workout can be rewarding and really keep you in shape, but if you aren’t eating the correct foods before your workout, you may be hindering the full potential of the exercise to get you fit and healthy. Cramping during a run and diarrhea after your workout is uncomfortable, but choosing the best foods for you will make your treadmill workout successful.

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